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Our Board

Our Board is an elected body of parents, an elected staff rep and our Principal.  Together we represent the Taramoa Strathmore School community.  The Board sets our strategic direction in consultation with parents, staff and students.  We have adopted the SchoolDocs policy framework. The Board is responsible for reviewing policies and for ensure that procedures are developed to ensure these policies are upheld. 


The Board ensures that Taramoa Strathmore School is a safe place to be, a learning to place to be, and a place where education and environment are of a high standard.  

The Taramoa Strathmore School Board is:

Akarere Henry

Presiding Member

Neville Takiri

Parent Representative

Robert Wehepeihana


Desiree Morunga

Parent Representative

Jennifer Gilder

Parent Representative

Noa Tereu

Staff Representative

Karley Rawiri

Parent Representative

Jason Wright

Tumuaki ~ Principal

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