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We have introduced Structured Literacy to help our tamariki to 'crack the code'.  We are happy with reading and writing result, but we are always looking to make things better for tamariki.

Structured Literacy is like a roadmap for teaching reading and writing. It's all about breaking things down into simple steps and giving kids clear strategies to become awesome readers and writers, no matter where they come from.  It's like a superpower, giving tamariki the tools and confidence they need to conquer reading and writing.  

Imagine a classroom buzzing with excitement as kids discover the magic of words coming to life on the page, thanks to the structured approach of literacy instruction. 

So for 15 minutes from 10.50am every Mon-Thu, tamariki get together to learn their words.  It's collaborative, it's fast, it's fun! and it will improve your child's reading and writing.  

Literacy Results for All Students, 2023

Reading 2023

Writing 2023

Above expected

Reading: 83% of our students are At or Above.  

At expected

Toward expected

Writing: 81% of our students are At or Above.  

Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 3.28.18 PM.png
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